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Specials & Discounts-

Details on: Unlimited Monthly Plans, Pre-Paid discounts, 10th wash frequent customer promo, and 48hr Clean-Car free wash.  

Express Exteriors


$ 25 per month
  • Our basic exterior wash & towel dry.

  • Unlimited $5 Exteriors


$ 35 per month
  • PreSoak Foam Bath, Tripple Foam Polish, Rain-X, 3-Stage Wheel Cleaner, Towel Dry & Hand Applied Armor-All

  • Unlimited $12 Ultimate Express


$ 40 per month
  • Top of the line exterior wash; Foam Bath, Lava Wax, Wax Sealant, Rain-X, # Stage Wheel Cleaner, Hand Appplied Armor-All protection on Tires & Plastic Trim.
  • Unlimited $15 UltimatePlus++.

Full Service


$ 45 per month
  • Our basic exterior wash, vacuum, windows & towel dry.

  • Regular price $15


$ 60 per month
  • Better wash including tripple foam polish, wheels cleaned and shined, vacuum, windows, etc.

  • Regular price $20


$ 65 per month
  • Top of the line exterior wash; lava wax, rain-x, Armor-all tires & trim, plus windows, vacuum & spray fragrance
  • Regular price $25

PrePaid Promotions

10% Bonus

$25 & up

Now available- receive an extra 10% when you purchase a gift card. May be used for any and all wash, detail, or store items, excluding any other discounts, promos, or coupons. Non-Rufundable. Credits do not expire, ever.

15% Bonus


Purchase over $200 in a PrePaid account and receive an extra 15%- $200 becomes $230.

20% Bonus


One time prepaid purchase exceeding $300. (300=360, 500=600, etc)

10th wash discount

Up to $10 off your 10th wash. Certain rules and restrictions, but thats the gist of it.

48hr rain(or not)

One free wash for 2 days after your visit. Valid on packages $12+up, exterior only, subject to change based on patron's likeability.

Gift-Card Registration

Pre-Register for your account now to receive a 10%  prepaid bonus- no payment required until your visit. 

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