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Common questions

Though we may close a few min early on a slow day, just as often we may stay open hours after closing time to acomodate our clients. We are almost always available before 8am- your best bet is to come early, before heat exaustion takes its inevitable toll. Also, if it is raining with no cars coming in we will close. Sadly this is rarely the case-and working while soaking wet is the worst!

Sorry I know that wasn't a question, but the situation is all too common. Yelling, screaming, begging and bullying are not a substitution for legal-tender. You get what you pay for, as they say.
AND you may only address me as "My friend" if we exchange birthday gifts. No, no, now I've gone too far, thats not right, I take it back and apologize....but you know what I mean.

Often spills may be so deeply imbeded that the lower levels rise as the shampooed areas dry. It may require a second(or third) treatment to remove entirely. We stand by our work and if ever something is found to be unsatisfactory, simply bring it back(w/ reciept!), and we'll do our best to correct the issue. Please note this is subject to the arbitrary discression of the manager, the character of whom is wholely unprofessional and often quite disagreeable.

You cannot call Bill Gates for tech-support, or show up at Ronald McDonalds house in the middle of the night because your fries were cold(also the guys a freak, I would never go to his creepy house at night, thats terrifying!). Complaints are to be directed firstly to staff, then supervisor, manager, the manager again if he looked hot or stressed out the first time, a written letter addressed to the store, and finally, if all those people couldn't resolve your issue, then call your lawyer. And remember, the easiest way to differentiate between insult and advice is frequency. Though I guess they're really the same thing with opposing motives. Whatever. You can't have the owners address, phone, or social security #. Crazy people love to ask this question.

Policies & Proceedures

the unpleasent part

What happens if something gets broken? Lets face it, anything that moves will eventually break down. People, cars, rocks...ok even things that don't move. We're all doomed! Anyway Lets talk about Damages, and how you can protect your loved ones from an evil carwash. Or at least lets clarify who's resposible for what, and why.

"There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip" Lets start with the carwash, after all, if it broke your car, well, its responsible, obviously. And an extra million or so because I was way late to the movies and missed all the previews. However, there is one huge problem with the above statement. We have no way of knowing if your car's mirrior, lets say, had been broken and then taped or glued or just stuck on there, ready to come off the next time a butterfly passes too close. In your defense, often this may happen in a parking lot and you may not realize it either. Please know and fully understand what you are paying for at a carwash: Water, soap, towels and air will all be thrown(applied?) at your car. You can actually test it out yourself- wet a dishcloth, and use it to smack your car while spinning it over your head. Now, if nothing is damaged, and before your neighbors call the cops, jump in and drive off at 100mph. Thats the wind speed of the dryers. Ok, pull in to this convience store, Johnny Law is definatly looking for you now. oh no! Theres a nail in your tire! Should 7-11 pay for it? Wash n Go takes responsibility for any failures in its equipment; any negligence of its employees; otherwise; your property is your responsibilty. This will be determined by the manager after interviewing all persons involved, checking cameras, and often informal opinion polls of non involved people. He will know that if something is wrong with the carwash, the incident will repeat itself and rapidly grow in terms of cost. of course, if you disagree with the managers opinion, consult your lawyer. 

Oh and that nail at 7-11? I just fixed it myself, as any man would do.

"Nothing is forever."

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