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2757 royal ln
dallas tx 75229


Phone: 469.206.0325

Hours of Operation*

mon-fri ~ 8-6
sat ~ 8-6.30
sun ~ 8-5
*Please note closing times may vary due to weather, maintenance, the NFL, ect. Thank you for understanding.

Our Services

Wash Services

Exterior menu

Our Express Exterior washes start at only $5- and all packages begin with a high-pressure prep and end with a towel dry. Take the lane furthest to the right and sparkle sparkle. Express menu

Every Full Service wash includes a wash, vacuum, and windows. We do not offer any self-vacuum, because charging a customer to do the work seems a bit unfair. Relax inside our large, comfortable & well-lit lobby where you will have an excellent view of the wash process. Free coffee and wifi are provided, along with other amenities (the massage chairs, 5min-$1, are hugely popular).  

While we do offer standard set Detail Packages, we also appreciate that every customer is unique in their wants, needs, and expectations. Our Sales Rep will be best able to help you choose the services you require with a little background .

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Express Exteriors



A few soaps, a rinse and towel dry. This basic wash is ideal for freshly waxed cars or when you just want to 'knock the dust off.'  



"Which one includes the tires?"

The Ultimate is one of our best sellers. Hand applied, our tire shine is overwhelmingly popular.

Wax n Wheel


Adds Tripple Foam Polish and Wheel Blasters to remove more brake dust and grime. .



Comes with Carnuba Lava Wax which gives great protection and a brilliant shine. Includes Tire & Trim dressing. The best exterior wash by far.

*all menu items are cumulative, every wash includes the items listed previous.

Full Service 

Full Service- we do it all. All packages below include interior vacuum, windows, and towel dry. The free coffee is our only 'self-serve'.

the Works


Our basic full service- wash, windows, & vacuum.



The $12 exterior + vacuum & windows. And a spray fragrence because we like you.

Wax Works


Brazilian Carnuba Lava Wax for great protection and a brilliant shine. Bougie paint sealant keeps it there. This package doesn't hold back- you get everything! The symphony of soap and lotion is followed of course by the towel dry, interior windows & vacuum, with the addition of tire shine and protective dressing on the exterior plastic a crisp sharp look while preserving your vehicle's original finish (and value!).


Standard Packages

the Super Clean


The focus here will be all the hard interior surfaces, namely the doors, dash, cupholders & console, door jams, etc. Compressed air to remove dust, cleanser made of an orange peel extract, scrubbing with what is essentially a large toothbrush, then vinyl or leather conditioner. Through vacuum, spotless windows, and done. Includes top wash and exterior dressing.

Super Clean & Hand Wax


Add a layer of protective wax. The benefits of which cannot be overstated-corrosive conditions constantly assault your car. Whether worldly ravages are inflicted upon paint or wax is your choice.

Full Interior


In addition to the SuperClean of doors, dash, and consoles, this package features Shampooing of the Carpets and Seats(or leather cleaning and conditioning, when applicable). Includes WaxWorks exterior wash. 

Interior & Wax


The Full Interior plus a coat of Wax, hand-applied.

Exterior Detail


Supreworks wash, hand wax, Buff and Polish. Price may vary

the Showroom


Exterior & Interior Detail, Engine Clean and Headlight Restoration

please note: prices may vary dependent on vehicles condition.
*Seatbelts & headliners are not included in these packages. Seatbelts especially are notoriously difficult, while headliners are often quite delicate. Please inquire about these or any other special issues so that we may better meet your expectations.
**HandWax- Aside from being gorgious, hand wax is a preventative, not a cure for, damage & decay. If your paint is already rough or scuffed and faded & discolored, then you require buffing and/or clay (or even wet-sanding). We offer these services, I might even humbly suggest that we excel at them...


a la carte



Shampoo or Leather treatment- the method varies, but the results do not. Should any stain prove tenacious and re-appear, we are more than happy to 'have at it' once more. Now, in the unlikely event that you should feel at this point anything other than estatic, then we invite you to seek recourse in hell, where no doubt many of our former employees now reside.
Management reserves, & occasionally revels, in the right to refuse and eject anyone at any time.  



Shampoo, Scrub, and Vacuum, and then Shampoo, Scrub, and Vacuum. Then Repeat this process until your completely filthy & exausted, and then do it a few more hours. Then tommorrow...



Sand, Buff, Polish, then Wax-Sealant/ClearCoat. Over the counter products are simply brake fluid- sort of works until it rains. We scoff at such tricks, and take pride in our efforts. Result: Crystal Clear for years to come.



Remove scuffs, scratches, swirls- rejuvinate your paint to its original shine and luster. To excel one needs technical knowledge, years of experience, and an undefineable artistic talent, a rare combination. Carwash is our work, but its in our  Detailling that sets us apart. Price varies depending on severity and size- your quote may be much less, or much more. Feel free to ask- we don't pressure our customers, because we don't need to. In point of fact: FREE SAMPLES UPON REQUEST 

Clay Bar 


That rough feel paint tends to get after a few years- Extra fine clay rub removes pitting, tree sap, ect. Precedes Buffing and Wax for extra tough jobs. Price quoted by General or Detail Manager.



Self-Explainitory. No, thats just lousey. ok- For the big boy toys, oversized trucks, or itty bitty zippys w/ 1inch clearence, or classic cars only driven on room temp saturdays, yes we offer handwashing. 



Protect your car from corrosive elements. Add $20 if you'd prefer Pure Brazilian Carnuba.  Want to go all in? Zymol is available, at double the price.

Color Sanding


Scratch Repair:
In most cases, we can sand scratches 80 to 100 percent completely out.
Pricing varies depending on the size and color of the scratch. Damage will be assessed, and price discussed prior to commencing work. Available Saturday & Sunday by appointment.

Touch Up Painting


We provide touch up on rock chips and deep scratches that need to be filled. We will try to color match as close as possible, but matching is not guaranteed due to the extensive amounts and variety of colors and aging of current paint job. Pricing varies and will be assess and discussed prior to commencing work.  Available Saturday & Sunday by appointment.

Ceramic Coating


Meticulous preparations precede a ceramic coating. Allow 4-6 hours, and kindly make an appointment in advance.

Tell us what you think!

Please send us your comments & suggestions! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Phone: 469.206.0325

Our Clientele


2757 royal ln
dallas tx 75229


Phone: 469.206.0325



Please send us your comments & suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.